The Opportunity

Investment Strategy

We believe that there is a great opportunity in Latin America as it is 600 million people target market with significant local friction and many verticals without clear market leaders. We seek local talent with global ambitions that are building world-class companies, leveraging relative lower operational costs and valuation arbitrage opportunities.

The Deals

Positive Impact

We believe in the transformative power of technology and capital to generate positive impact at scale. We support, fund and scale companies with innovative technological solutions that democratize access to products and services previously unavailable to large parts of the population in Latin America.



In early-stage startups



in early 5 years of operations



The strongest network


Millon Dollars

Raised by our companies




Early-stage tech companies

Since 2011, we have taken an active role in investing a small amount of money (typically, 25k) and accelerating early-stage tech companies throughout an 4 month accelerator program. These types of investments give us the best opportunity to support a company’s success and produce very appealing returns.


We co-invest in subsequent financing rounds of our portfolio companies up to u$1M . We support companies with their expansion and growth strategies. We have preemptive rights to invest in over 40 high impact companies throughout the region.

New investments

We invest  in series A, B  and subsequent financing rounds of companies that pursue triple impact through technology. We invest 1M-5M in deals from our proprietary network or outside it.

Industry Focus

We invest on companies that use technology as a strategic base to disrupt and conquer new markets.

Geographic Focus

NXTP Labs’ pan-regional platform allows to identify the region’s most promising startups.

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