NXTP Labs has been supporting the entrepreneurial activity of women in technology sectors and promoting the formation of founding teams with gender diversity, among many other endeavors to empower women within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
At NXTP Labs we are more committed than ever to promoting the formation of startups that take into account the gender perspective and where women’s professional role has the same status of respect, equality and parity as that of men. The same applies to NXTP Labs as an organization in all the countries in which it operates and will operate and to all the people who comprise the organization.
We feel strongly about preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace and ensuring our culture is one that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming to a diverse range of founders and employees. That is why we took the Manifesto of Women Entrepreneurs we launched in 2014 and make it ours, as a it explains our core values.
First Principle

Grow with the Business

Women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean must always seek to grow along with their businesses, and to add value and jobs through their organizations.

Second Principle

Become Agent of Change

Entrepreneurs must become agents of change who advocate for gender equality in opportunity, so that women can found and lead their own organizations.

Third Principle

Avoid Silence Acceptance

Entrepreneurs should actively avoid silent acceptance and tolerance of the social roles that have systematically limited women’s entrepreneurial leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fourth Principle

Take Responsibility

Women entrepreneurs should take responsibility for making their work visible in their communities, so that other women around them gain courage to start enterprises of their own.

Fifth Principle

Question the ``Gender Bias``

Women entrepreneurs should question whether there is a “gender bias” for deciding who presents their business’ “pitch” for investment capital.

Sixth Principle

Seek Gender Diversity

The venture capital industry must seek gender diversity in companies.

Seventh Principle

More Women as Partners

The venture capital industry should recruit and promote more women as partners in fund management firms.

Eight Principle

More Women Founders

The venture capital industry should seek out and invest in early-stage companies with women on their founding teams.

Ninth Principle

Equal Opportunities

Entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean must promote jobs in their communities through an inclusive and respectful environment that seeks to open communication and generate opportunities for men and women alike.

Tenth Principle

A Lifestyle Choice

Entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean should commit to making entrepreneurship a valid lifestyle choice, rather than a reaction to unemployment and low wages.

Eleventh Principle

Gender Awareness

Entrepreneurs will commit to integrate gender awareness in the entrepreneurial agenda as part of the productive programs of their cities, countries, and regions.

Twelfth Principle

Gender Commitment

The people and organizations who endorse this manifesto commit to create a space for communication, collaboration, and learning dedicated to overcoming the challenges and barriers facing women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sign the manifesto and reaffirm your commitment to the entrepreneurial community